Hotels in Holguin ...
(displayed from East to West)

Brisas Guardalavaca
( 437 rooms)
Club Amigo Guarda.
( 747 rooms)
Paradisus Rio de Oro
( 354 rooms)
Sol Rio Luna y Mares
( 464 rooms)
Memories Holguin
( 531 rooms)
Blau Costa Verde
( 742 rooms)
Playa Costa Verde
( 480 rooms)
Playa Pesquero
( 912 rooms)
Villa Don Lino
( 94 rooms)

Province of Las Tunas ...

Brisas Covarrubias
( 180 rooms)

Holguin is located 680 km East from the capital, Havana. This is the third largest city in Cuba with 1,5 million inhabitants.

Columbus discovered Cuba in Gibara (Holguin) on October 27th, 1492. The int'l airport is located 1 hour from the hotels in Guardalavaca and 2½ hours from Playa Covarrubias.


There are 4,941 rooms in the hotels (beach resorts) in Holguin

This makes Holguin the third major tourist hub in Cuba, after Varadero and recently Cayo Santa Maria. Hotels are distributed among six hotel groups: Playa (2 hotels), Cubanacan (3 hotels), Melia Hotels International (2 hotels), Blue Diamond (1 hotel), Blau (1 hotel) and Islazul (1 hotel).

All the hotels have direct access to the beach ...

Playa Guardalavaca (Club Amigo Guardalavaca and Brisas Guardalavaca)
Playa Esmeralda (Paradisus Rio de Oro and Sol Rio de Luna y Mares)
Playa Yuraguanal (Memories Holguin)
Playa Pesquero (Blau Costa Verde, Playa Costa Verde and Playa Pesquero)
Playa Blanca (Villa Don Lino)
Playa Covarrubias (Brisas Covarrubias). This hotel, although considered part of the tourist center of Holguin, is located in the neighboring province of Las Tunas. The international airport is located about one hour drive by bus from the hotels in Guardalavaca and 2½ hours from Playa Covarrubias (in Las Tunas).

What's new in Holguin ?

The Riu Playa Turquesa is now administered by Blue Diamond under the name Memories Holguin

There is a 5-star hotel under construction in the area of Playa Guardalavaca. The construction name is « Albatros ».

A new Royal Service & Spa section is under construction at the hotel Playa Pesquero

The hotel Blau Costa Verde has doubled in size in 2013, with the construction of the Blau Plus area.

The Paradisus Rio de Oro introduced in early 2010 its luxury area called Royal Service located in the Eastern sector of the hotel.

These hotels offer all-inclusive package, which means meals, drinks, activities, non motorized water sports and other services are included. On the other hand, gratuities are at your discretion and are not included in your travel package.

The average tips in Cuba are 1 or 2 pesos (CUC) depending on the service you received. Please consider the time required for barmen to give you a beer from the tap AND for the maid to clean your room! A « muchas gracias » with a beautiful smile is always appreciated! Click HERE to learn more about the currency in Cuba.

Click HERE to see a chart of the distance betwwen the hotels in Holguin, dolphinairum wharf and the marina (distance evaluated using © Google Earth software).

Please note that since the spring 2014, Cuba authority systematically stamps all passports when entering and leaving the country. Note that the departure tax remains unchanged at 25 CUC per person (in cash only). As of May 1, 2015, the Cuban Departure Tax may be included in the price of your trip. This is the case for all Canadian tour operators and travel agencies who now include the departure tax in their price when selling packages and flight to Cuba.

The Cuban President Raul Castro announced in October 2013 the beginning of the process that will put an end to the two currencies circulating for 19 years on the island. It is important not to bring Convertible Peso (CUC) outside Cuba. More information to come!

Visit our website that chronicles the chronological steps on the lifting of the US embargo against Cuba.

During high season, customers are mostly Canadian in the hotels. In low season, it is more diverse, there are Canadians, Britons, Germans, Italians, etc. Hotel guests are identified by a bracelet of different colors depending on the hotel. For example, the hotel Blau Costa Verde, it is white, gray for the Playa Costa Verde and yellow for the Playa Pesquero.

You need to check out by noon (or earlier depending on your departure flight). It is possible, depending on availability, to get a late check-out to keep your room. The price varies depending on the hotel, but usually it is 10 CUC per hour. Note that MAS card does not provide this advantage, if the trip is purchased by a tour operator and not by Melia Hotels International website.

You must have you beach towel coupon in when you check-out. This ticket was given to you by the personal at the club house or in your room in some upscale hotels.

IMPORTANT! If you lose your towel, a 20 CUC fee will be charged. Therefore, it is essential not to forget your towel at the beach. Some unscrupulous tourists will even steal the towel of another person to avoid paying this fee. Beware when you leave your towel to dry on the first floor terrace. This problem has been reported repeatedly.

The hotels offer courtesy rooms for their customers. You have to ask the personal at the front desk about that room. Although you checked-out at noon (or according to the schedule of your flight), you may still enjoy services and restaurants at the hotel until you leave.

For more information about the hotels, click the links at the top left of this page. You will find information on services and also satellite images to help you locate where your hotel is. We try our best to keep our site as updated as possible.

Melia Hotels International

In 2010 Melia Hotels International celebrated its 20th anniversary of the first hotel administered in Cuba.

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