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Cayo Coco is located in the beautiful « Jardines del Rey ».
A little paradise to discover!

Jibacoa is a great place for snorkeling and diving. It is located in the coutryside of Cuba!


Photos Holguin

When creating the first version of our website, the photos were incorporated into the main site. At that time, it was more of a photo album than a complete website. It became difficult to update the site with photos because new pages had to be continually added.

To solve this problem, we decided to show our photos in an album, instead of web pages, using Coppermine Photo Gallery php software. In this way, we can easily add new photos without losing the previous ones.

The site contains over thousand photos divided into many albums. This site is updated after each trip or when we add recent satellite images of the region.

Google Earth and Microsoft Bing are great tools to show you where this destination is located.

Our photo album is open to the general public. It is therefore, not mandatory to be registered to view the files. Click the [Last uploads] to see our recently added pictures in the album. Some of these photos were kindly provided by the hotel managements or by people returning from this destination. A note is always displayed on the photos to indicate the source.

Click the image above to browse through thousand of photos of Holguin. The first photos dated back from 2005. The photos are divided into albums and categories.

Click to access the index page of our YouTube video files.

Informations about our web editing softwares

It would be impossible to create a website without using specialized software (especially for underwater photography that requires special attention). For those wondering where to get these softwares. We bought them on the manufacturer's website. There is often a demo version can be downloaded for use 30 days. After the evaluation period, we register the software.

These products are affordable except Adobe. They have great products, but definitely very expensive, especially for webmaster like myself who do not make money by selling websites for a corporation. Visit for more info on the web publishing software we use for the creation of our travel websites.

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