Holguin is located 680 km East from the capital, Havana. This is the third largest city in Cuba with 1,5 million inhabitants.

Columbus discovered Cuba in Gibara (Holguin) on October 27th, 1492. The international airport is located about 1 hour drive from the hotels in Guardalavaca and 2½ hours from Playa Covarrubias.

Discover these great sites!


Varadero is the most visited destination in Cuba for its beautiful beach, wide variety of hotels, excursions and nightlife.


Cayo Coco is located in the beautiful « Jardines del Rey ». A paradise to discover!


Jibacoa is a great place for snorkeling and diving. It is located in the coutryside of Cuba!


Information about services at the hotels in Holguin

To discover Holguin and the nearby villages, several options are available to you. You can either rent a scooter, a car, take the panoramic bus, etc. Visit the transportation section on our site to learn more about the services offered& at the hotels in Holguin.

Please note that some roads in Cuba are not in excellent conditions, you should allow more time than expected to reach your destination, especially in the bike.

Car rentals are expensive in Cuba, it is better to rent a car for at least three days to get a better price/day ratio.

A scooter is a good option to travel around, but not too far. If you want to visit cities, then it would be better to rent a car or pay a taxi for the day.

Just tell him what you want to visit during the day. Set the price BEFORE leaving your hotel. This rule applies across the globe!

220 Volts electrical outlets in the rooms

Electricity in the rooms is 220 volts. The outlet (with ground) can receive polarized flat pins (North America) and round pins (European). Some electrical outlets offer both plugs on the same wall plate.

In the bathroom, there is an electrical outlet offering low power (110 and 220 Volts) usually built-in with the hair dryer or sometimes separate with or without a voltage selector. Note that this particular outlet is for small electrical appliances such as razor, battery charger, etc. Do not plug in your hair dryer into this outlet! Some hotels offer have full power 220 Volts in the bathroom.

Most modern electronic device battery chargers operate with dual voltage 100 to 240 volts, but this is perhaps not the case of yours. If you must bring your voltage regulator, make sure to have the necessary power required. Connecting a hair dryer requires much more power (watts) than a battery charger. Be advised!

For energy saving and environmental concern, it is best not to let the air conditioner runs when you are not inside the room. They are usually powerful enough that half an hour is more than enough to cool the room. Electrical plants in Cuba operate with diesel.

Safety Deposit Box

There are safety deposit boxes in all hotel rooms. They are large enough to store your travel documents, money, camera, MP3 player, jewelry, etc. The most modern safety boxes operate with an access code. It is strongly recommended to try your code the first time with the door open! Some old boxes had the door changed to a keypad system. In this case, the internal dimension is much smaller.

Internal space available ...

» Modern safety boxes (Height: 20 cm / Depth: 25 cm / Width: 40 cm)
» Old safety boxes (Height: 20 cm / Depth: 18 cm / Width: 35 cm)

Upon arrival, three very important items must be stored in your safety deposit box in your room throughout your stay ...


Since May 1st, 2015, the departure tax of 25 CUC per person is now included in your travel package. For Jeep or scooter rentals, it is recommended to bring a photocopy of your passport and your driver's license. It is important to have in your possession a document that identifies you in case of emergency, especially if you are traveling alone. Please note that your room number is not written on your plastic magnetic room card.

Internet and WiFi

In Hotels: Most hotels in Holguin hotels zone (Guardalavaca) offer internet access to their guests through WiFi and/or wired computers. You have to buy a NAUTA Prepaid Internet Card (Tarjeta de Navegacion), they currently cost 1 CUC for 60 minutes (since nov. 2017). On these cards there's a scratch-off area to reveal the Login (Usario) and Password (Clave) that you will use to sign-in.

Public access: Since the summer of 2013, public access to the Internet has been greatly improved with the opening of hundreds of Internet centers (Salas de Navegacion) all over the country, there are several of them in the Holguin province, see the list here: www.etecsa.cu/internet_conectividad/salas_de_navegacion/. There are also several public WiFi hotspots in Cuba (mostly in city parks and plazas), see the list here: www.etecsa.cu/internet_conectividad/areas_wifi/.

Tennis court and multi-sports

All hotels offer one or more lighted tennis court. Sometimes next to it, there is a basketball court, squash, football as well as other outdoor physical activities for those who wish to burn some calories between meals! If you need the assistance of a tennis pro, you have to go to the club house to get a reservation.


All hotels have hair dryers in the bathroom, but they are not very powerful. It would be better to bring in your luggage your own travel size hair dryer. As there is no full-power electrical outlet in the bathroom, bring an extension cord to plug your personal plugged dryer in the room. Hairdryers operate on 220 volts.

Iron and ironing board

There are irons and ironing boards in rooms (wardrobe) at the hotels in Holguin. They operate on 220 volts. Do not bring your personal iron in Cuba. This item requires a lot of power and it is likely that the Cuban authorities seize yours while entering the country. This article is part of prohibited items in Cuba!

Please note that travel irons as well as butane are allowed.

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